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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just Freakin' Batshit Disorder

Lately, I've been reading up on abnormal psychology, and it's fascinating and hilarious stuff. (Though some of the sexual disorders do hit kinda close to home.) However, many of the crazier people I've met either fit too many of the diagnostic criteria to have merely one class of disorder, or exhibit symptoms that don't really fit any disorder. The DSM-V is coming out soon, so I propose a new Axis I disorder- Just Freakin' Batshit Disorder. To be diagnosed with JFBD, a client must exhibit two or more of the following symptoms for at least one year.
1. Exhibits eccentricities that hamper normal functioning in society not including hallucinations, paranoia, catatonia, or just being freakin' retahded. (See Just Freakin' Retahded Syndrome)
2. Believes oneself to be a pirate, ninja, robot, viking, cyborg, marsupial, or baked good while actually knowing very little about real pirates, ninjas etc.
3. Just generally freaks people out and leaves others muttering under their breath "What's his deal, man?"

Famous Batshits: Howie Mandell, Johnny Depp, John Quincy Adams, Erik the Red, Snoopy


Blogger James said...

Hello... My name is James...(Crowd responds, "Hi James") and I have JFBD...

1:05 PM  
Blogger Milkshake said...

Oh!! Maybe that's what I have. I always assumed I just had a really bad case of CSTD--Compulsive Slut Tendancy Disorder.

1:52 PM  
Blogger accomplice said...

What if your a marsupial loving ninja?
Does that count for two?

2:47 PM  
Blogger Kay-D said...

I've always wondered what bull shit term they give insane freaks with identity complexes.

11:01 PM  
Blogger malachi trizec said...

y'know, in some places bat shit is actually valued as a fertilizer...

2:40 PM  
Blogger janice said...

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4:52 AM  

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