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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Ninja Zeitgeist

It has been stated in certain comments to entries on this blog that ninjas have not fully grasped the zeitgeist of the time. While this was clearly some sort of wrongheaded, rum-fueled tirade from a sodden-minded pirate lover, I would still like to take this opportunity to rebut.

Ninjas don't need no stinkin' zeitgeist. All they need is the ability to ROCK. And flip the fuck out. Hard. And anybody who says any different clearly is in need of a serious ass-whooping. And I'm sure a ninja has already set out on a quest to dispense just such a beating to the stinking, swashbuckling, laser-wielding pegleg who originally brought up this whole zeitgeist thing.

So pirates, beware. Any further talk of a zeitgeist will get you an ontology shoved so far up your ass you will wish that you had a frisbee (so you could do the honorable thing and commit seppuku).


Blogger TwistedNoggin said...

I don't want a katana up my nose or anything, but I think "Zeitgeist of the times" would be redundant.


8:33 AM  

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